U.S. Army (Seoul, South Korea / Fort George G. Meade, MD)

Performed all basic and fundamental network management tasks for a 10baseT, 26 user Novell NetWare 3.12 LAN: added and deleted users, created login scripts, maintained security, loaded applications, configured printers, updated workstation shell
software, and diagnosed common user problems. Performed duties of Information System Security Officer and Information System Security Manager. Directed, supervised, and coordinated the activities of the primary battalion staff (5), its three
subordinate companies, and nine attached units for a 455-soldier battalion. Officially recognized for the establishment and implementation of a hardware and software baseline architecture. Assessed capabilities of National Guard and Army Reserve units’ ability to conduct effective training and made recommendations for improvement to the General’s staff. Developed a system that compiled and analyzed statistical information gathered during FUSA training evaluations that generated 10 menu
driven management reports; performed analysis, designed the system, wrote the system in dBase III plus code, and created the system documentation. Supervised the development of the first two fully functional prototype secure database management systems produced in conjunction with Teradata and Oracle Corporations. Performed all the duties and responsibilities of Project Officer for these two database projects; totaling more than $13 million dollars. Performed research on fundamental topics related
to secure database management systems. Developed ADP systems through all phases of DoD systems acquisition lifecycle; studying functional processes and problems; making recommendations to increase program efficiency. Provided solutions to
programming problems; and communicate with users in the analysis, testing, and training phases. Wrote, restructured, tested, debugged, and documented COBOL programs.