Catapult Technology, Ltd DOT (Washington, DC)

Provides on-site project management for the various business lines within the OCIO-IT Services & Operations, Department of
Transportation: Telecommunication, Intermodal Data Network, Desktop Support, Consolidated Server Support, Web Services,
Application Development, Messaging, and Administration. Responsible for the management of about 70 contract employees,
including subcontractors. Providing contractor employees with guidance and direction, monitoring of their work, contract
performance and deliverables, and actively participate as required in meetings and project activities. Responsible for overall
direction and support for all project work; recommends qualified key personnel positions subject to Government approval, ensures
proper staffing levels to meet deadlines, improve effectiveness, or balance workload; ensures proper task order and personnel
management by directing appropriate actions to correct any adverse trends or deficiencies; ensures that Contractor staff are aware
of and adhere to DOT and OCIO-IT Services & Operations technical and administrative policies and procedures required to
effectively perform applicable work; ensures adherence to existing procedures for building access, personal security clearance
administration, ID-badge processing, and checkout procedures for exiting Contractor staff; and monitors and promotes quality
customer responsiveness and customer service representative services support