John Bryant

John Bryant

Business Owner

Name:John Bryant
Date of birth:


1. Bachelor of Business Administration...


Training- Microsoft Certified Professional, 2K Training- Microsoft Windows 2k Server
Training- NT Server 4 Training- TCP/IP for NT Server 4
Training- NT Server 4 in the Enterprise Training- Internet Information Server 4


07.2005 - present

1. Carolina’s Best (Spartanburg, SC)


Created and implemented marketing plans and effective store strategies to improve sales. Created store presentations, ideas, and
concepts to successfully promote store merchandise. Provided outstanding customer service and continually trained staff by way
of written materials, individual training, and group training. Responsible for the hiring, firing, and management, including
scheduling and payroll, of 5 personnel. Built a strong client base through effective promotional marketing. Worked with sales
representatives for wholesale merchandise and advertising on a regular basis. Effectively managed all merchandise including
buying, receiving, maintaining POS computerized system, and completing annual inventories. Regularly performed market
research on the latest trends. Created training manuals and implemented strict store policies and procedures. Managed a milliondollar
annual budget including inventory equity, gross retail sales revenues, and accounts receivable and payable. Created and/or
approved visual store displays, prints and multi-media advertising campaigns and developed new marketing strategies to widen
customer reach. Managed all daily store operations.

2017 - present

2. E-Vision Business Center


The center (CONCEPT OFFICE) is designed to support and
increase the growth of aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses in reduced-wealth communities. We incorporate
application based business training, guerrilla marketing and cash-flow counseling.

2016 - present

3. Veterans Services Commission, Inc


This was founded to improve access to critical information for veterans and
provide an innovative cross-platform web series, and a public media campaign that explores the lives of veterans.

08.2001 - 07.2005

4. Catapult Technology, Ltd DOT (Washington, DC)

Project Manager

Provides on-site project management for the various business lines within the OCIO-IT Services & Operations, Department of
Transportation: Telecommunication, Intermodal Data Network, Desktop Support, Consolidated Server Support, Web Services,
Application Development, Messaging, and Administration. Responsible for the management of about 70 contract employees,
including subcontractors. Providing contractor employees with guidance and direction, monitoring of their work, contract
performance and deliverables, and actively participate as required in meetings and project activities. Responsible for overall
direction and support for all project work; recommends qualified key personnel positions subject to Government approval, ensures
proper staffing levels to meet deadlines, improve effectiveness, or balance workload; ensures proper task order and personnel
management by directing appropriate actions to correct any adverse trends or deficiencies; ensures that Contractor staff are aware
of and adhere to DOT and OCIO-IT Services & Operations technical and administrative policies and procedures required to
effectively perform applicable work; ensures adherence to existing procedures for building access, personal security clearance
administration, ID-badge processing, and checkout procedures for exiting Contractor staff; and monitors and promotes quality
customer responsiveness and customer service representative services support

10.1996 - 07.2001

5. Reliacom, LLC GSA (Washington, DC)

Project Manager

Develops, plans, and implements changes to current and future network requirements to meet the organization’s needs by
providing End-User Support, Network Administration and Desktop Support for six LANs comprised of over 1400 users within a
multi-site WAN environment utilizing Cisco Routers and Bay Network Switches. Manages the deployment, maintenance, support
and upgrade of 65 servers, Intel desktop PCs, software, operating systems and distributed printers. Manages a staff of 16 exempt
and nonexempt network analysts.

09.1995 - 09.1996

6. DynCorp, Inc (DOT, Washington, DC)

Network Analyst

Provided network systems analysis support for the Office of the Secretary of Transportation (OST). Responsible for the migration
of over 800 NetWare 3.1X clients to a NetWare 4.1 environment. Responsible for the design and administration of NetWare
Directory Services. Performed server installations, configurations and upgrades. Responsible for ARCserve 6 backups of 3.1X
and 4.1 network servers. Performed diagnostic technical support of malfunctioning installations of IPX and ODI based DOS
workstations; evaluated ADP equipment testing; analyzed LAN/WAN Interface problems and provided helpdesk support for user
related network service calls.

06.1993 - 07.1995

7. U.S. Army (Alexandria, VA)

Project Manager / Network Analyst

Developed a publication distribution system for all deployable U.S. Army units. Performed analysis and design of computer
application software; and supervised the creation and maintenance of required documentation. Evaluated functional processes and
problems, provided solutions to programming problems, and formulated recommendations to increase program efficiency.
Interfaced with user organizations. Managed and supervised one officer, four enlisted military, and two GS civilian personnel. In
addition, performed technical/organizational functions to implement and maintain Novell NetWare 3.12/4.1 Network.
Responsible for assisting with network installation and configuration while providing technical support.

06.1985 - 06.1993

8. U.S. Army (Seoul, South Korea / Fort George...


Performed all basic and fundamental network management tasks for a 10baseT, 26 user Novell NetWare 3.12 LAN: added and
deleted users, created login scripts, maintained security, loaded applications, configured printers, updated workstation shell
software, and diagnosed common user problems. Performed duties of Information System Security Officer and Information
System Security Manager. Directed, supervised, and coordinated the activities of the primary battalion staff (5), its three
subordinate companies, and nine attached units for a 455-soldier battalion. Officially recognized for the establishment and
implementation of a hardware and software baseline architecture. Assessed capabilities of National Guard and Army Reserve
units’ ability to conduct effective training and made recommendations for improvement to the General’s staff. Developed a
system that compiled and analyzed statistical information gathered during FUSA training evaluations that generated 10 menu
driven management reports; performed analysis, designed the system, wrote the system in dBase III plus code, and created the
system documentation. Supervised the development of the first two fully functional prototype secure database management
systems produced in conjunction with Teradata and Oracle Corporations. Performed all the duties and responsibilities of Project
Officer for these two database projects; totaling more than $13 million dollars. Performed research on fundamental topics related
to secure database management systems. Developed ADP systems through all phases of DoD systems acquisition lifecycle;
studying functional processes and problems; making recommendations to increase program efficiency. Provided solutions to
programming problems; and communicated with users in the analysis, testing, and training phases. Wrote, restructured, tested,
debugged, and documented COBOL programs.